Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fair Friday

Being a holiday, we started the day roaming around in sky (Linkshell Jedi), but it was so crowded! I homepointed, but went back to sky again after time wasted and debate, to fight Kirin on 22-ish people. We won, albeit with the help fo some japanese players, who provided Raise3 support, and straight-tanked mini-gods o.o;

And finally, Kirin's Osode (1/3) - which was awarded to Daakpunk ^^

Screenie taken while helping Kenkenbb with camping a NM during the afternoon; alas we were unable to get the pull T-T

Spent the night reading up a novel as there was hardly anything interesting in jeuno /shouts, chatted with Belly (he came in to say hi), and thereafter had an early night..

.. this morning, i finished updating some databases @work, and logged in to camp Ulli. We won the pull (9hrs for everyone else 3hrs of camping for me) :D

Now, if only we can snatch Zip from the RMTers, we'd be set for more Kirin goodness a fortnight from now.