Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Stupid uploader is acting up >_> Therefore only able to upload yet 2 more piccies from my bro's collections.

Grrr. Monday Blues

Wanted to post some more piccies out of yuumei's collections but stupid uploader seems to have stopped working :/

It was a blue monday in Vana'diel alright, despite me getting home early from work /fume.. what normally was expected to take 10mins ended up 2hrs being wasted in Sacrarium, as the stupid true-sight taurus refused to budge. Luckily, we still got Astara his samurai testimony in Castle Zvahl, with a coffer key for Orin too.

Also managed to join up with a random shout in jeuno for a trip to Limbus... but to Tememos (my first trip there!). It was some weird but fun times as we got to use (well, everyone except myself) 2hrs repeatedly, since the treasure chests that recover hp/mp in Tememos also seem to reset 2hr as well!

Ancient Coin tally: 38/75 now.

{Time for Work!} Hopefully i will not be stuck working too late tonight =/