Saturday, March 11, 2006

Goodbye Zilart, Hello Bahamut?

This morining, i was wondering if i ought to show up for work (i did have some filing to do), but since my friend told me his shift is next sat, i opted to go for a jog instead :p

Upon returning, i got into a merit / exp party in sky.. good thing it wasnt crowded until later on, so we were able to rack up chains (as per screenie) ^^

Anyway, aside from meriting, i also got another offering during the week, hopefully puru and myself can duo the carby mitts NM again, this time for Helmut and/or Lithe ^^

In Jeuno, there was nothing interesting.. Helmut, Lithe and Xamertaru all were out to pubs. Wazzletaru dropped by for a short while too, before signing off (i assume that he's either visiting his parents or also out drinking with Xamer hehe). Psymonk also dropped in, despite staying awake for over 30 hours o.o

Then i spotted a shout in japanese, for {The Celestial Nexus}... hmm. since i was bored, i might as well give it a shot. To summarize, we aced the fight, but at heavy cost - main WHM died thrice (boss spammed stupid AoE vortex), while everyone else died at least once in the fight, except for myself despite jamming Mijin Gakure >_<

So, is this semi-retired cat ready for Bahamut? Stay tuned.