Saturday, March 04, 2006

OMG no piccies

Actually i did take a few screenies, but deleted them since its nothing special; mostly just bragging rights :p

Yesh, we defeated Crimson-toothed Pawberry (yep, the same NM that drops Carby Mitts) in a team comprising of:

1) Azero (Lv51 smn/whm26)
2) Purutaru(Lv75 whm/blm37), and
3) Isadodo!(ahem, myself that is, Lv75 nin/war37)

Poor Azero was one-shotted at the start of the match by Searing Light despite standing quite a distance away. Nonetheless, my bro and myself took down the NM after whacking at it for about 5 mins :D

I used the offering meant to pop HM's NM though; so i'll have to drop by the temple later to pick up another offering lol

Back to idling around in jeuno to see if there's any event worth joining, while i wait for dinner..