Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fenrir Round2 :3

Signed up for Fenrir after spotting Moline shout in jeuno.. A bunch of "misfits" similar to the team i joined when firrst fighting Fenrir. In fact i could not convince Puru to join as our WHM; general response of some of my online friends summarised it as: "ewwe fighting Fenrir on FULL MOON without SMN x 5?"

Anyway, after a tele and reasonable 530g chocobo trip from the Crag of Mea (finally! thank SE for fixing the ridiculously bird rides), we went in the Full Moon Fountain on Darkday for a dry run; i tasted dirt when i got distracted trying to debuff (crit + double attack); lucky most of the team made it out, and Drean and Mossy had gained enough tp to do a Light skillchain.

After regrouping, we tried again (on Fireday) - i got to taste dirt again (/fume), shortly after Fenrir's Dispelga + Howling Moon (aka 2hr) combo, but the team emerged victorious, despite Dinin losing connection in the dying 90 seconds of the fight :D

And thus, shiny stone get ^^ Still saving my bomb core for exp / merit parties though; will be using stone to help out for missions and prolly when i do play other melee jobs to that high level.