Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of Brenner, Shii and Limbus

Had a taste of Brenner today, was a small scale match organised by Xamertaru ^^ Too bad Psymonk, HM, Lithe and a few others could not make it - this was obviously designed for more people in mind.

We spent a few minutes milling about in confusion (hehehe) before sorting out how Brenner worked. But we didnt play Brenner proper, as the stupid things (being an uncapped Brenner match) could cast Fire IV, Firaga II and Flare! In addition, they are true-sight aggro, and does not lose aggro over time :(

So we spent our time exploring the area, and playing 1v1, and 2v1 slug matches (since i was the highest level there i kinda won them unfairly, Astara Lv67 SAM, Xamertaru Lv65 WHM, and Wazzletron Lv52 BLM)

After dinner break, we went to hunt down Shii for Astara's Sukesada in Bostaunieux Oubilette. We were lucky, it popped within a few mins of our arrival ^^ Had a screenie but i deleted it by mistake :/

Joined up a random team of japanese players for Limbus - hmm this was the first time we actually lost, due to taking too much time killing mandys. The 5-people team i was in succeeded mostly because we had 2 tanks, 1 rdm 1 brd and the leader as blm for crowd control.

In contrast, for this 7 people team (MNK/NINx2, BLM, RDM, SMN, RNG, and myself as NIN) i had lots of trouble trying to get hate from the uber MNKs despite them subbing nin >_< That caused a huge mana drain on the mages part to keep the MNKs alive; plus we had no BRD to help with crowd control.

Nonetheless, i got 2 coins, and came away learning a valuable lesson tonight, for what setup would work for Apollyon NE forays.