Friday, February 24, 2006

Lure of the Wildcat :3

Didn't do much after the KS30 run yesterday... in the evening, i convinced Xamertaru follow me to kuftal, where i started work on unlocking the latent effect on my new shiny katana, while he collected a few beastmen seals that dropped from the crabs and a sabotender i aggroed. Tried looking around for a chest (Xamer brought along a coffer key, in hopes of getting a map), alas no luck there.

Few people showed up for Refe's weekday Dynamis-Jeuno: only 23 people (including Xamertaru and myself, and no bloody PLDs, nor BLMs! Plus only myself as a blink tank! Golly..)

As per Puru's prediction, we didn't win dynamis-jeuno; but nor did we wipe, although i had an embarrassing moment as i did not understand Refe's instruction to set a macro to direct the alliance which target to focus on (i.e. i was to be puller!) o_o

Today, i joined Overdrive, Tanuk and Gab (as well as a WHM named Glauze) for a trip to #$%#@$ Sacrarium, to pop the Fomor NMs for Swift Belt again.

I wish SE would make the stupid belt 100% drop. 2 deaths and 4 pops later (with only Gab finally getting her Swift Belt, congratulations!), i got fed up at the stupid game system and bade a somewhat hasty farewell to the team.

Before death-warping away from Sacrarium, i traded my copy of Fomor Codex to Tanuk, to make up for a fight whereby we failed to kill the NM (stupid Fomor Ninja near the Wooden Gate decided to assist the NM when we were running from the pop point to camp), then i logged off to do some shopping, a short nap, and a jog to prepare myself for this weekend's physical test.

As per below screenie, i'm now embarking on a series of new quests, more out of boredom than anything else. Ooher. Airship's arrived.. gotta run! ("Emergency" Maintenance's also coming up in 45 mins too, sheesh..)

Update: just before maintenance i also completed the same quest in Windurst.. hmm wonder what will the key items be used for? Quests? Missions? /em shrugs

Update2 (after maintenance): finished the remaining [Lure of the Wildcat] series of quests.

Well, in case anyone wants to know the locations of quest starters:
1) Jeuno: Upper Jeuno, near exit to battalia downs
2) Windy: Windurst Woods, near the fountain (Bomingo round)
3) Bascock: Port Bastok near the circus / fountain / exit to north gustafark
4) Sandy: South San d'Oria, near the fountain / moghouse exit