Sunday, February 19, 2006

(Not-so) uneventful sunday after all :3

Did nothing literally for most of today - only in the late afternoon did i get an invite to a party in sky; and it lasted for about 45 mins! There were so many people in sky o.o

Dedication effect (from using empress ring) was still on, so i went to kuftal to solo crabs for a bit. Bumped into some friends from FU, so i joined their skillup party team for a bit.

The team consisted of Lv65 DRK Revenant, Lv65 WAR Morgue and Lv70+ (/anon) SMN Malone. Unfortunately, after some time we got careless *coughcough* and were mostly killed by ga spells from a Haunt, which was assisted by an evil Robber Crab T-T

Malone won, and ported back to jeuno, with the intention of returning to raise2.

As my friend Panyoyo was nearby, she gave me a Raise3 (Much <3 and thanks, Panyoyo!) - i proceeded to mijin immediately (to evac the area), and at the same time i logged in as puruwuru (my bro was playing Battlefield2) for some raise3 goodness for the other 2 guys.

It was a good thing i mijined and returned home; soon afterwards the annoying Guivre chose to show up - rather than to risk puru's life, Rev and Morgue (WAR deleveled to Lv64) decided to homepoint ; ;

The stupid NM eventually ate Panyoyo too, as she was in the area trying to spawn and kill cancer (a NM crab), but luckily she managed to get Reraise3 up before biting the dirt.

(At the time of posting, before any editing)

Tis' now 8pm (9pm japan time), so i head to jeuno after taking some screenshots with a friend here, to see if there's any fun stuff to take part in.. ;p

EDIT: Found something to do in jeuno, and regained much fo the exp lost during the week. Also, HM, Lithe and Orin all dropped in to say hi too :D

EDIT 2: The idea of getting another offering occurred to me while posting on fableunity forums, so here's another piccie before i hit the bed :D