Monday, February 13, 2006

As the days go by :3

Been running around getting Ms.Sahyu to unlock "Fashionable Equip Lock 3" (she's Lv56 now too).. Puruwuru commented that a SAM would look weird in noble's tunic.. after taking a look on model viewer i'm inclined to agree, so Scorp Harness look it is! (Besides, its easier to get that armor for Ms.Sahyu, only Lv6 body armor in beastmen-controlled areas) :3

In other news, Xamertaru finally got his gloves (for WHM) after so long ^^ I'm staying away from Beadeaux for awhile, i think.. i have enough of this swamp to last me several lifetimes.

Now mostly spending my time back in TheStoneCutters, since HM and Lithe are back on more rergularly ^^ Times go by very fast when friends are in!

Hmm.. gotta remember to bring out Harle's Limbus LS tomorrow morning; hope i can get get enough ancient beastcoins to redeem the [Boxer's Mantle] by the time expansion comes around.. (that would get more difficult when i do finally snare a job, but i guess i'll take it one step at a time, yargh).

Posting a random pic taken a few days ago.