Thursday, February 02, 2006


Spent most of the morning browsing for job.. nothing eye-catching, so i ended up re-installing microsoft word and editing my resume some.

In Vana'diel, i was mostly idle, spending time reading forums, and looking into ENM strategies and such.

Travelled through Toraimaral Canal to level up Ms.Sahyu a lil' with Niekolaas and Bartolomew, then teaming up with Yukonjack and Nebion to open the path of the ninja for Nebion in Korroloka Tunnel, before finally clearing some copper quads, as well as both NMs in Beadeaux.

I declare Nebion ready to do the tower run (mission 3-3) as well as having the items needed for the Beadeaux part of the magicite missions (hope he doesnt discard em by accident!) ^^

Before dinner, i squeezed in some time (and gil in buying back some Lv40 gear) to muck around in the sewers (as per below screenie).

Finally, bumped into Babygirllil while on the way to Eldieme with Puruwuru and Niekolaas for teh sandy escort :D