Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ark Angels

Yuumei and myself joined a random team in jeuno for this series of fights.

Total death count after the 5 battles:

BLM Yuumei: 1 (AA Elvaan)
NIN Isadora: 1 [2 counting Mijin Gakure on AA Galka] (AA Elvaan)
DRK Wufeii: 2 (AA Elvaan, AA Galka)
PLD Acro: 1 (AA Elvaan)
WHM Drasnie: 0
RDM Xut: 0

Hopefully we'll clear Divine Might over the weekend, though completing ZM would also be nice.

Order of screenies - AA Tarutaru, Mithra, Hume, Elvaan and Galka.