Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Lil' Step Closer to CoP Ending

Finished Promathia missions 8-1 and 8-2 with a bunch of random japanese players. Had to accept Raise 1 once, because i forgot to bring my trusty 1Reraise Hairpin along ; ;

In short, the team cleared 8-1 in an alliance of 16 people (1 pld, 3 nin, 1 rdm, 1 sam, 2 rng, 2 brd, 2 whm, and 4 blm).

After 8-1, some of us (myself included) were game on clearing 8-2 even though it was already dinnertime for most of the japanese (4am EST, or 5pm HK | my country time, 6pm Japan Standard Time, 8pm Sydney time).

It was when we continued on for 8-2, that i realised belatedly that:

a) afore-mentioned hairpin was gathering dust in my moghouse, and
b) no WHM in the regrouped alliance of 11 people (pld, 3 x nin, rdm, sam, 2 x brd and 3 x blm remained).

Ah well. For the most part, the journey was really dull as described in the guide; still i was thankful (especially so to the leader, the RDM aptly named "Tactics" lol) that we cleared 8-2 with few deaths.

I only died later when we went back to the area for the map, when a wicked Sickle Slash took 98% of my hitpoints in one stroke (as per below screenie).

Getting the map was worth all that trouble though :3
Hopeflly i'll get to kick Promathia's butt off this planet before i get a job..