Saturday, January 14, 2006

A week (mostly) without FF

Thanks to my in-camp training, my online time was reduced back to the levels when i had a day job (i.e. between 7-10am EST | 8-11pm HK/my country time | 11pm-2am Sydney time)

Hope this will help me get used to a "change of schedule", and remain focused (by avoiding being online overmuch) when i restart my job search after next weekend hehehehe

A short summary of what i did in the camp: i flunked my physical fitness test as expected; unless i resort to replacing the power supply of my PC with a treadmill rig or something drastic, playing FF = weight gain onry :p

(Below's the longer version)

I got to spend alot of time leafing thru' the daily papers for job offers, help out other departments a lil' bit, strolling around the camp, and taking naps when i'm certain i was not needed.. i do admit that life as a Commanding Officer's personal assistant is damned good - although as a desk-bound job, its hardly helping me to keep myself fit.

In Vana'diel, i went to Toraimaral Canal almost every day (in the few hours that i was online for the past few days) to slay some stuff with my NPC buddy (aka Sahyu the cat).. she reached level 49 today, but its getting kinda boring (again lol), even though i did get some exp out of it:
-impish bats: 25-40 exp each,
-canal pugils: 20-30exp each, and even
-fleshreavers: 35-45exp each

Guess i'll resume when i'm in the mood, and do the limit break 1 quest (Picture Perfect or something) for Sahyu as soon as she hits Lv50.

I spent most of today helping out mom some with the preparation of pineapples (she's making some pineapple tarts for the relatives, friends etc for the upcoming chinese new year celebrations), napping a bit, and even powered up my gameboy advance to (re)play a lil' bit of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Signing out for dinner now; if there's nothing interesting in jeuno, then its likely i'll sleep early, so that i can go for a brisk jog tomorrow morning *stretches*..