Thursday, January 05, 2006

First foray to Limbus :3

Wheee.. i got lucky tonight with a group of japanese/HK people. At about 7pm singapore time i saw Usye shout at Jeuno.

At first I was rejected, because they had a PLD and NIN already - but i received another tell from Usye about 10 mins later, while i was window-shopping at Bazaar Central (in Batallia Downs)! Yay!

There was only one WHM though (and 1 BRD, as 2 RDMs.. the rest were melees, and yah.. PLD, as well as NIN x 2). Things got a lil' hairy while we were looking for the portal to NE Apollyon within Al'Taieu.. we aggroed an UFO, and the ugly underwater shark X 3 lol

After our WHM raised one of our brave RDMs (who died saving the team with teh enfeebles, sleeps etc on the adds), the journey in NE Apollyon started!

In the next pic, you'd notice that:
1) The Cosmo-Cleanse is taken upon entry - aye, you'd need to pay 50k each time you go to Apollyon.

2) The Black Card key item, from defeating an Aw'euvhi in Al'Taieu (everyone in the alliance gets one automatically upon winning the fight, thank heavens). This also goes poof upon entering.. and finally,

3) Time Limit. Bleargh. Ah well.

I was thinking to post more piccies, but it may spoil the fun, so i deleted em instead.. the idea is to kill stuff to extend time, much like dynamis :p

(EDIT: added the Limbus link, from Koolaid website, to the sidebar of my blog)

Total coins obtained: 58 after a successful run. As we have 12 people, two people who rolled the lowest /random had to settle for 4 coins each.

Drat. A few days before i can attempt Limbus again /fume