Tuesday, December 13, 2005

pwned by diabolos. again

Bah, the horrible memories of promathia mission 3-5 came back. To make it worse, this time it is an uncapped fight.

After busting over 300k on this fight alone - and still losing (we were 0/2, and i died 3 times), i decided to cut my losses and disband - i did draw a huge amount of hate from my mom for skipping lunch, and still being jobless.

And this was a team consisting of the following:
NIN 72 (me),
BLM 75 x 3 (Kruemel, Lucavi and Dreamz),
WHM 70 (Asrial), and
RDM 71 (Danielson)

After getting raised, I used my ducal ring (as per attached screenie)in effort to cheer myself up a little (my homepoint's in windy).

Prices of stuff also went over the roof - in Jeuno, Hi-potion jumped from 4k to 9k each, as an example. Alchemists would be very happy.. Maybe i'll go farm vines later and churn out some stuff (via Puru) after my seal-hunting session with Xamer tonight.