Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ordelles :3

Yeeesssh finally got the Shikaree ring of 12976th kill >_> But that's a side story actually.

Main purpose of today's visit to Ordelles, was to assist my friend Orin with his RSE set. I was running to and forth between my bro's and my room, as I wan't really up to dual-boxing two characters at once :P

The screenie was of the ??? that Orin clicked on, and volia! out popped a NM. I suppose i would get my RSE satchet too if i feel bored enough.

As for the Shikaree Ring, my friends were very kind to pass, thus letting me get the item even though i lotted a lowly 100s for it ^^

Spent the later part of the afternoon roaming around in sky with Xamertaru in an attempt to find a chest for his map.. alas we were unable to find one, and gave up shortly after dinnertime. Spent the evening watching my bro play AoE3.

Bleh, tomorrow is Wednesday again.. guess its time for my weekly housekeeping chores again, unless i get a lengthy job interview somehow, which is unlikely. Thought i had a job offer on monday, but it was all in naught. *shrugs*