Saturday, November 19, 2005

*hop* one step closer to Al'Taieu

Saturday morning was spent chasing an offer of 100k gil (in Vana'diel) by Hpnotiq, who offered the said money for help with an "easy" assignment in Sacararium.

It wasn't as easy as i hoped though; i ended up dying 3 times and busting 3 hours down there, as it turned out that he and a few members of Uchihaclan needed to kill the good ole' Professor to advance to the next promathia mission.

Eventually completed the assignment with an alliance of 16 people by lunchtime, and I was paid 150k for my help (40k was spent on 2 stacks of silent oils though.. orz).

In the afternoon, I spent more time in turtle-land (Beadeaux) helping Lobita with coffer key-hunting.

Took a break from key hunt for dinner (Lobita and most of the team were dying from lack of sleep anyway) - but the key dropped shortly after I left. Oh, the irony (and cheers for the japanese player who needed it lol).

After dinner, i spent an hour at Lufaise to whack beastmen, successfully reset my Fomor hate, and went back to Jeuno. There were 3 teams forming up for promathia mission fight that i was stuck on (6-4). Sorely tempted, i tried my luck, and Fuse's team took me in ^^

Burnt the gil i got earlier (CCB Polymer cost 150k, and 10 Hi-Potions cost me 40k.. bleargh) and then some. *Notes to self: more vine farming to do tomorrow*

And so, the below four screenies (edited by myself) tell the story of a fun and exciting night ^^
1) The Briefing:

2) My first look at Ultima (ZOMG! We won Omega!):


4) And zee reward + One Step Closer To Sea (aka Al'Taieu):

Everyone (i bought mine at 150k) had brought along CCB Polymer. On Omega, the WAR and BLM used their CCB Polymer, at 50% and 15% respectively of Omega's hitpoints.

The remaining CCB Polymers were used on Ultima (BRD, RDM, WHM, and finally myself) in 30 second intervals as soon as Ultima was at 40%.

In my excitement, I forgot to use my Icarus Wing, letting the BLM have the finish! :o

Alrighty, enough of teh blabbing for now - i have to go back to finish my footwork for the next promathia mission before i hit the bed - and i have to be up in 5 hours for a morning with my bro. Go me :3