Thursday, November 17, 2005

^^V So long Maat! (for now anyway)

The Ninja Testimony (item to challenge Maat) dropped on the first Tonberry Chopper (which happened to aggro me; lucky i did not CFH on that mob hehee).

Also obtained the key needed to get the "Paintbrush of Souls" on killing the first Tonberry Cutter that we saw :o

And in the evening (18:00 gametime, Lightday), i fought Maat again with Testimony in hand.

Items used:
-Sleeping potions x 2 (in conjunction with Opo-opo necklace, getting 50% tp total)
-Hi-potion x 12, but ended up using only 3.
-Icarus wing x 1
-Sole Sushi x 1

The changes i made to my equipment were as follows:
-Fudo (Lv70 katana) x 2, since i was Lv69 the first time i challenged Maat.
-Life Belt (Lv48) x 1, wanted to make sure my weaponskill hit.
-Arhat's tekko (Lv63) replaced my NIN AF gloves for the +3 evasion.
-Drone Earring (Lv35) x 2, no more bat earring now :p
-Sun Ring x 1, and Puissance Ring x 1 , for +6 str.

The rest are as per previous configuration.

Skill-wise, i capped katana at 244, and evasion at 249.2 (this is uncapped yet, but the stat is after i equipped with evasion torque, yep).

After getting tp to 50%, i drawn my weapons, and used Blade:Jin as soon as i got 100% tp, after taking down Maat's shadows. Drank up 3 pots after recasting Utsusemi: Ichi, used Icarus Wing, and finished it with another Blade:Jin. Ooher :D

Yep, Maat did not get to use Asuran Fists, nor did he use Mijin Gakure. My first ws reduced Maat to about 40%, and the second ws from the icarus wing ended the fight.

Combined 2 screenshots into 1 :D