Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday Yay

Did lots of running around hehee

Woke up at about 6am, went to Giddus to harvest some saruta cotton while waiting for Aluris and gang for teh weekly ENM runs.

My bro's team finally defeated Diabolos! (Promathia mission 3-5)

It was 1/5 though, as they had problems with stunning out Diabolo's Nightmare.

Furthermore, during one fight, Diabolos actually used DRAW IN repeatedly -.- (i was watching on my bro's PC, so I could not take any screenie) one of the team members was sent to the Diremites below where he died real fast - bug or sux?

We then quickly moved to #A01 - no scale farming as I had 2 from the previous trip. The Bad Seed was won quickly (Mbi had to go after killing Diabolos) - however as per attached piccie, it just not fast enough (comparing with our previous records) lol

The edited piccie also shows my current experience points after a nice run at Boyahda Tre - Lithe and Belly also attained level up to Lv66! Alas for our pickup WHM (Taru WHM Falier, from HK) he was 2k from Lv 67, when we had to disband.

Back to dinner while i consider what to do to round off the night.. perhaps i could clean my room to get some parental hate off me...? /panic