Tuesday, July 12, 2005

yay and dismay!

an early update, because i've just tossed away something precious ;_;

started the day by checking my bazaar.. Ochiudo's Kote sold! woot!
Bought cost: 0.89 mil
Sold price: 1.55 mil (AH price around 1.6 mil gil atm)
Net profit: 0.6mil or 660k gil!

or so i thought.

Spent the morning crafting (its full moon on lightsday), got Bonecraft up from Lv34 to Lv38 before i had to stop due to insufficient materials on AH >_>

And then this happened! &%#$)*@(!EEK$@*)OMGWTFBBQ!

While farming air elementals and mandys at Tahrongi, I threw away a Bomb core (costing 500k now on AH.. Super dismay! (i thought something was wrong when i noticed my ammo slot was empty, and volia! my DARTS were back in moghouse! Bleargh!)

on the "bright side", after repaying my friend for capital etc etc i am left with about 100k profit overall. What a day >_> hope tonight's exp party goes well. *fingers crossed*