Friday, July 08, 2005

Millionarie cat!?

Archer's Ring :700k. (Item drop from defeating Stroper Chyme)
Powerful Rope: 300k. (Quest reward of: "Petals for Parelbriaux")


but still, spent quite some time finishing the above-mentioned quest. Mostly because the quest required "Fog" condition, which was very rare.. camped throughout the morning from 7am till 1pm (breaking in between for trip to Crawler's Nest, which lasted about 30mins).

Soloed water elemental in Crawler's Nest to help a friend obtain Bag of Seeds, for BLM Artifact quest... its tougher than it seems! Almost pwned me with Waterga II. Lucky i brought along a Hi-Potion+1, and even then i was left with about 300 hit points. Bleargh. Still, endeavour was successful and I made it back in time for lunch.

After lunch, I joined some japanese people for exp party. Went pretty smoothly until towards the end, when our BLM was disconnected 5 times in a row. Lasted 3 hrs, netting around 11k exp. not bad at all.

However (to my dismay) I am still lagging behind my static BRD and BLM by a 5-6k ext pts... >_<

No Dobsonfly fight today due to non-appearance of vital personnel.. ah well. T-T

In the evening, was mostly idle, only assisted my 2 static team mates (Rank 10 San d'Oria citizens who switched over to Windurst) to reach Windurst Rank 3.

Mostly discussed about stuff that we can or cannot do (since I have to attend some real life event tomorrow evening). Was hoping to go for avatar fight - alas it was not to be.

Now camping Jeuno for interesting stuff to do, before sleeping.